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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boondocking: What is it? How does it work?

Dave Helgeson, the show director of the Seattle RV Show and an RV boondocking expert, talks with the RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, about the boondocking lifestyle. What exactly is “boondocking?” How does an RVer do it and where do they do it? Dave has the answers in this short video, which was produced for the 2016 Seattle RV Show, Feb. 11-14 in Seattle. For more information about the show and others in the Seattle area, visit


  1. Great information. We boondock way out in Anza Borrego desert in So. Cal. as often as we can.Conservation and peace and quiet.

  2. We almost exclusively 'boondock' here in Nevada. Lots of open space and many great camping areas (which, when we find a really GOOD one, we keep secret . . .). Lots of solar power on the roof, and I'm working on a wind generator application. In Nevada, it's usually windy, or sunny.

  3. Lithium bats are $475 ea. Still not a viable option. Need economy of scale to bring them in closer for the avg. joe to be able to jump to that one.

  4. New to RV after decades of tenting so love the "boondocks" Question is where you get fresh water other than carrying it from home?