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Monday, May 25, 2015

A new portable washing machine may be a boondocker's heaven-send

 We've reviewed hand-powered washing machines before. Best described as a small plastic barrel that you spin around with a hand-crank, we weren't too impressed with the results of these "As seen on TV!" devices. But along comes a new entrant to the truly portable wash machine scene – that might be something that works.

The Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine, so don't expect it to hold a huge amount of clothing. Still, the company says the Drumi will handle about five pounds, or 6 or 7 "personal items." that means, shirts, underwear, socks, but a pair of jeans can be run as a single load. Sorry, towels and sheets are a bit too big.

How much time, energy, and water are involved here? Figure about two and two-thirds gallons of water for a wash and rinse. Your foot will keep busy with applicable breaks. Two minutes to wash, two to rinse, and a minute to spin out the water – that's got to be an improvement over those "miracle" washers where the clothes come out soaking. And no special soap is required, powdered, liquid, or eco-friendly laundry soap are said to work well in the machine.

Want one of your very own? Be prepared to spend a little over $100 – but you'll wait a while to get one. While the company is taking pre-orders now, it'll be summer of 2016 before you should expect delivery. Meanwhile, watch the video – no soap opera here.

And here's a link to the web site.


  1. I guess I'll stick to the bucket and plunger method.

  2. Looks Ok, well except when the unit drained, I didn't notice any suds or dirty ware! Just saying, but that could have been the rinse cycle!

  3. Waste of water, energy and space. Wear less clothes!