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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nevada Highway 93 boondock jewel: Pahranagat Refuge

There's plenty of long and lonely stretches Out West. Traveling north out of Las Vegas on the 2-lane blacktop of US-93, things get pretty scary for an RVer. The voices on our tape dramas begin to loll one into a (dangerous) trance-like state. Oh, it's time to be off the road and resting up. But where?

Just south of the berg of Alamo is a big (by Nevada standards) lake, Pahranagat. The lake is the centerpiece of a National Wildlife Refuge, and serves as a stopping point for migratory birds. It's also a great stopping point for migratory RVers, and happily, the stopover is free. Bring your fishing pole, but leave your generator off, your hosts thinking that gennies make too much noise for man and beast.

Still, the views of the lake are soothing, and on our early August stop, we didn't mind not using the generator as a spanking breeze came up and gave us natural cooling action. Here's a video of the lake taken from our boondocking site:

1 comment:

  1. Great place to stay, we were there in April real cool nites. Went to the Alamo store very nice Morman community. There is also a Natural Hot Springs just North of Alamo, the Forest service gave us permission to stay in the lot next to the Spring.