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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Conserving water? Clean up with these alternative shower suggestions

When you're on the road and water is tight, where can you get a shower? RVers come up with the most interesting suggestions. Here's a few places you may have thought about – but from a different slant. On the other hand, there's a few here you may have never considered.

Truck stops: Some truck stops give away a "free shower," with a fuel purchase. Some RVers have interesting approaches to how to use that free shower. One suggested if the shower stalls aren't "roped off," that is, they aren't in gender-specific areas, you might consider a "communal shower," with your better half. Another said they've simply asked for an extra towel and one used the stall right after the other.

Truck stops that offer commercial driver "reward cards," here's a tip from a retired trucking couple: Get two cards, one for hubby, one for wife. Then have the attendant link them as "team driver" cards. Often what happens is that you'll get a free shower on each card for a fuel-up.

One wag suggests if the outfit offers a free shower with a fuel purchase and your rig has dual tanks, fill up one tank, pay and get your "credit." Then drive around again, fill the other tank, and repeat.

Commercial RV parks: Even if you aren't staying on, some RV parks will let you plunk down a few bucks and use their shower houses.

Got a gym membership? Bring your membership card and drop in to an affiliate club.

Elk's Club facilities – open to members.

Laundromats: Here's a way to get the clothes and the bod cleaned at roughly the same time. We don't recommend jumping in the big drier afterwards, though.

City facilities: Some towns have parks with showers, or you might check in at a city operated swimming pool.

State parks: Often have "coin-op" shower facilities. You may wind up paying an entrance fee, in addition to the quarters you'll run out for hot water.

Sun-showers: Oh, yeah. If you have a suitable place to shower without the company of the neighbors peepers, a solar shower will help you conserve water and propane. One RVing couple recommends a fair-sized spray bottle – hose yourself off with one of these a couple times a week, then save up for a once-a-week "real" shower. Get elaborate, fill one spray bottle with warm, soapy water, and two with warm water for rinsing off.

Or you could try one of the latest offerings in the "personal shower" line. The "Simple Shower," to borrow from their advertising, "attaches to just about any one or two liter bottle to convert them into a shower. No longer will you have to lift a solar shower filled with 20 or 40 pounds of water above your head to take a shower while camping - simply fill a plastic 1 or 2 liter bottle with warm water, or leave the bottle in the sun to heat up, and attach the Simple Shower for a quick and easy shower." Grab one at

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  1. Of course, there's the good old fashioned "Navy" bath -- standup and wash using a dishpan of warm water, a washcloth and soap, and a towel or dishpan on the floor to collect the water/drips.

  2. The simple Shower looks like the Clothes sprinkler my mom used 60 years ago to damped the clothes before ironing. The sprinkler head fir about any beer or soda bottle,but did not have the straw in the middle. Have not seen one for 50+ years.

  3. We've asked at a local motel if we could use the shower in a room just vacated, before the housekeeper cleans it for the next person.

  4. How do you 'clean up' at a laundromat?

    1. Same thing I was thinking, like hello?

  5. I have used a flower watering can with great success. They usually hold 1 to 1 1/2 gal of water. Enough for a 'full' shower.

  6. Drop your pump pressure to about 20 pounds, use a 1 inch brass disk type showerhead that will then give good shower with under 1 gallon per minute flow.