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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter boondocking at Mount Rainier National Park

When most boondockers think boondocking, they think of the national forests and snowbirding in the warm southwestern deserts.

But if you can't get away for the winter but still want to do some winter camping, Mt. Rainier National Park is opening up some areas of the park for RV camping without hookups.


RVs will be allowed in the Paradise lower parking lot or the upper parking lot across trom the Paradise Inn as well as at Narada Falls and Longmire. A new webcam went online last week showing the view of Longmire.

Mounted on the second floor of the administration building, the camera looks toward the Longmire Museum and the road leading up from the Nisqually Entrance, with the National Park Inn hidden behind the trees in the distance. There also are six additional webcams at Paradise and one at Camp Muir. You can find the webcams here.

Extreme cold weather RV camping requires some extra safety precautions and planning to stay both safe and warm. Some tips and adv ice for winter camping can be found here.

Winter snow camping is not for all of us, but Mount Rainier makes it possible to try it out under favorable conditions with help--if needed--near by.


  1. Mr. Difley and RV Boonbdocking Blog readers: I wanted to correct the information regarding overnight RV camping in Mount Rainier National Park that has been posted in this blog. The only overnight parking allowed in the park during the winter is for visitors who are camping outside in tents or snowcaves in the park's backcountry. Visitors are not allowed to camp overnight in their RV's, cars, campervans, etc. Again, the overnight parking allowances described for the Paradise Parking lots are for those vehicles that must be left unattended by those who are winter camping in the park's backcountry. For additional information on the park, see the park's website at
    Unfortunately, during the winter, Mount Rainier does not have any vehicle campgrounds open, and camping outside of designated campgrounds in areas accessible by road is not allowed. Sorry for any confusion.
    -Chuck Young, Chief Ranger, Mount Rainier National Park

  2. Bob Difley, The picture used this post was taken in Maryland after the January 2011 storm. My Sea Breeze 8380 and I did very well. Orignial post can be found at . When I get to Mount Rainier, I'll take a photo of the MH while camping and send it to you. Thanks for the use of my photo in your posting, it's one of my favorites.

    Safe travels