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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jackson Hole campgrounds to install park model rentals

You may discover more boondockers crowding into the area surrounding Jackson Hole south of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks next summer.

The Jackson Hole Daily reports that the Teton County planners approved a plan where campground owners could place manufactured housing units (defined as recreational park trailers) in their campgrounds and rent them out.

This will bring more income to the campgrounds, but will reduce the number of campsites available to RVers in this popular summer destination.

Though the county says it will monitor each campground case-by-case to determine how many trailers to allow, the rule would permit up to half the available spaces in a campground to be filled by these rental units. If all the campground owners chose to go this route, the number of campsites in the area could be reduced by half.

The rule will allow the trailers to be rented only on a short-term basis--for no more than 30 days in any 60-day period.

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