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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Walmart installs its first electric vehicle charging station

Walmart in partnership with American electric Power Company has installed an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at at store in Easton, Ohio, the first public charging station in Central Ohio. A Walmart spokesperson said it was the first charging station at a Walmart store but would not be the last, as they intend to install more test stations around the country.

This would be of great benefit to RVers with or considering buying EVs as dinghys and who dry-camp at Walmart stores while on road trips, as they could re-charge their dinghys after shopping or sightseeing trips where RV hookups were not available.

If the test works out for Walmart and they expand their charger station installations to additional stores it won't be long before other major retailers follow suit.

Another study in England found that "range anxiety" was less of a concern that formerly anticipated. The study showed that the vast majority of EV trips didn't come close to discharging the battery, and in fact EV owners were able to charge up after the usual day trip when the battery still had greater than 80% of its capacity left. As a result, the recharge took only two to three hours to return to 100%. The test also showed that many EV drivers went two or three days before charging at home or at work.

These tests and the increasing availability of EV chargers are bringing the concept of an EV as a dinghy closer to reality for RVers--especially for boondockers that don't have an available electrical hookup every night..

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