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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheriff catches vandals in the act on BLM land

In this article published by LocalNews 8 in eastern Idaho, a man riding his ATV heard gunshots and came up to a gated road on Bureau of Land management land in the Blackrock area where someone had shot up the gate, then used bold cutters to cut the locking chain. He reported it and the Bannock County sheriff high-tailed it up there and caught three 19 and 20 year olds that has also shot off the door of a public restroom and destroyed the toilet inside. The men (boys?) were arrested and "were charged with felony injury to property, underage alcohol consumption and trespassing."

It just raises my ire when juveniles--or anybody--causes senseless destruction and vandalism to public property where it cannot be protected by human presence, such as at campsites and trailheads on public lands. I thank the ATVer who quickly notified the sheriff who hustled and got there before the idiots fled the scene. Sometimes it takes citizen effort and a diligent law enforcement official to catch these guys, and in cases like this it paid off. Maybe the next vandals will think twice about such actions.

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