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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pilot Flying J launches frequent fueler advantage program for professional drivers and RVers

RVer and blogger Ivan Phillips sent me this update on a new Pilot Flying J fuel discount program for RVers. Anytime we RVers can get a discount on fuel, it is worth passing on. Details from the press release follow:

Pilot Flying J's new Frequent Fueler Advantage program became effective on Jan. 3 and will allow professional drivers and RVers to instantly accrue and redeem loyalty points in all participating Pilot and Flying J travel centers, travel plazas and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.

RV cardholders in the program will receive instant discounts on fuel, propane purchases, and dumping fees. Coming soon, RV cardholders will receive discounts at the truck diesel islands in addition to the specified RV fueling lanes.

Pilot Flying J will also offer Pump Start to all Frequent Fueler Advantage cardholders. Pump Start will allow drivers paying with cash, a check, or a third-party credit card to use their Frequent Fueler Advantage card to start the fuel pumps. Members must register their card at the cashier counter and must have 500 gallons of purchase history in order to activate the Pump Start feature.

Pilot Flying J will continue to honor points accumulated on the Frequent Fueler, RV Real Value Card and Driver Payback cards, and is asking that drivers register these cards under the new program in order to take full advantage of all benefits.

Drivers may register their cards at or at cashier desks and kiosks in Pilot and Flying J locations.

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  1. Will we have to start over for this 'Pump Start' purchase history, or will previous years accumulation also count? Just wondering~~~.

  2. We stopped at a Pilot truck stop on 12/27 and we had to drive our 35 foot fifth wheel immediately in front of the front entrance to get to the RV fuel station--what a dangerous arrangement. They should always keep the large RV's fueling with the semi's to keep kids from running between the trailer wheels! Because we didn't want to take the chance, we made a sharp turn to get to the fuel and damaged our trailer! Again, poor arrangement by the Pilot management.

  3. Dick and Diane said.....

    We are disappointed with Pilot's new rewards
    program. We had the Flying J Mastercard, which they have discontinued. It gave us the cash price, plus an extra 1 cent for being an RV, which made it 7 cents off posted price.

    However, what we are really ticked about is the ability to pump and go. We are a diesel pusher and use the truck lanes. Using our card meant I didn't have to do two aggravating and time consuming things; stand in line to get pump turned on, then get back in line to pay. We
    are very respectful of the trucker's time, so it was great that we could get in and out quickly. Even with a 100 gallon tank it will takes us our trip across country to get the pump start feature. We are bummed.

  4. I am an RVer and have had a loyality card with Flying J for over 6 years. 3 before belonging to FMCA and 3 after (7700 0710 7020). We have been waiting patiently for the Pilot/Flying J merger to go through and have talked to several representatives at FMCA and other Rallys who have assured us we were not going to be thrown under the bus and that our previous loyality would not be forgotten. Well, when you don't consider our long history of purchases for "Pump Start", you're making us start over. I would like to have my card unlocked now, so I don't have to stand and restart your pumps 4 times. I want to hold you to your own words; "Members must register their card at the cashier counter and must have 500 gallons of purchase history in order to activate the Pump Start feature.". We have far surpassed 500 gallon purchase HISTORY!

  5. Pilot Flying J made the decision easy for us with their ridiculous rule; we will support other refueling stations during our travels. We won't be using their fuel stop, restaurant or convenience stores for purchases, anymore. Sounds to us like they don't want our business.

    They must have their records showing that RVer's are frequent "drive-offs," but that's a surprise to me. I have meet ONLY responsible, honest and good people in five years of RVing.

    Good-bye and Good Luck(not) to Pilot Flying J.

  6. I stopped at my local Pilot location to get a card and start an account. I was told the program only applies to diesel fuel. Anyone have any clarification on this?