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Friday, October 8, 2010

2.3 liter motorhome breaks speed record

The record breaking Goldschmitt Hymer Car
A Hymer Car motorhome has been named the fastest in the world after reaching more than 200km/h (124miles/hour).

The record-breaking run was in a motorhome powered by an economical 2.3-litre Multijet engine with an unusual gas-diesel drive. The old record was 191km/h (118miles/hour.

Part of its success was to aerodynamic measures taken (under-floor fairings and by flattening the window panes), by slight engine tuning, and mainly due to the additional power generated by adding gas to conventional diesel fuel.

Makes you wonder what domestic RV manufacturers could do with a concentration on how much speed you could wrest out of a smaller engine, combining fuels, and using aerodynamic design features. Translate that into better fuel mileage all around and a win-win for RVers and manufacturers alike.

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  1. All hail the Chinook Concourse -- holder of the previous world speed records of 99.776 and 114 mph that stood for over a decade -- since Aug. 16, 1998, recorded at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (there's a debate concerning a Dyno Sources tuned GMC coach powered with a 454 V-8 for a class "A" motorhome record of 102.76 MPH at Bonneville on Sept. 16, 2006).

  2. Two points.
    I did not realize that going fast meant using less fuel.
    124 MPH does not seem like a major record, unless the are talking about a quarter mile drag race.
    I have been over 90 MPH in my Class A Pusher, and had plenty of pedal left, but way short of guts to go faster.
    I would think any well maintained DP with GOOD tires could set a similar record on the open road with no cops around.

  3. This is impressive. But being a past owner of a Chinook Concourse, there is a significant size and bulk difference between the two coaches

  4. OK, now tell me why you need to go 124MPH in an RV? Is the Wal-Mart short of parking spaces, and you need to get there before others? Or, are you afraid you'll run out of fuel, and you're hurrying to get to the gas station before you do?

  5. To the gentleman that said it has done 90 in his motorhome... You are an accident waiting to happen.. please keep all of us informed as to your where abouts so we can avoid you... Those tires your running on have a speed rating of 75 MPH!!!!!