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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sheriff fires deputies found naked in forest

You may want to put Forest Service campgrounds near Johnson City, Tennessee on your list of either campgrounds to visit--or campgrounds to avoid. It seems that two sheriff’s deputies and a third man were discovered having sex and drinking alcohol by a forest ranger and a Carter County deputy who “were conducting patrols at area federal forest land campgrounds” .

I would guess that what you would expect to happen next would differ depending on what part of the country you were in, but in Tennessee it is illegal to possess or consume alcohol in forest service campgrounds (remember to empty your wine cellar if you go there). I’m not sure exactly what other statute was violated, but “the forest ranger saw the three at a camp site drinking alcohol in the open and then engaging in sex.”

The deputies were fired “from their positions as patrol officers for the sheriff’s office because their conduct was unbecoming of officers, which violated the department’s general orders.” However, it is not clear what general orders. Was it because they were naked, naked in the open, naked in a forest service campground, possessing alcohol in a forest service campground, having sex at all of the above, having a three-some, or were co-workers having sex.

Incidentally, both deputies were off duty at the time, and it was 11:00 at night. Makes you wonder what the ranger and deputy who made the discovery were up to patrolling at that hour. Another interesting aspect of this case, is that the ranger and deputy that found the three naked profligates, reported that they watched the three perform several sex acts before they revealed their position, which happened only when a truck door slammed in a neighboring campsite startling the three who then stopped their "activities."

This episode adds new ideas for adventures in camping, such as prowling campsites in the middle of the night in search of nature in the wild.

Read the entire Johnson City Press article where you can also titillate over pictures of the sheriff’s deputies (isn’t that amazing that the paper published their pictures).

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