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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not out of wildfire season yet

On Thursday officials of the Vale District of the Bureau of Land Management around the east central Oregon town of Ontario on the Idaho border lifted fire restrictions for all public land in the district but are still urging people to be cautious when out on for recreation or other purposes.

In other places around the West, wildfires still rage, we're not close to entering the rainy season, and temperatures remain high leaving conditions still high for wildfires. And even though some areas have dropped their fire restrictions, BLM and Forest Service officials advise continued diligence in preventing wildfires in the tinder dry brush and forests.

They advise being extra careful when building campfires, to never leave fires unattended, and always make sure the fires are completely extinguished when breaking camp. Exhaust systems can start fires too, and people need to be careful where they park their RVs and other vehicles and check for brush or other debris that may get trapped in and around a catalytic converter.

It is a good idea to stay alert and not let our guard down now, especially considering the news accounts of how some fires, such as the Boulder, Colorado fire, have burnt homes and thousands of acres of land. These conditions will exist until the dryer areas get significant rain and lower temperatures.

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