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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boondocking survey

I have been a fulltimer and boondocker for seventeen years. During that time, boondocking methods and what information RVers want to know has changed and evolved. In looking ahead through 2010, the topics and information that will be written about in RV Boondocking News should represent what you, the boondocker or soon to become boondocker, wants to read about and learn.

That is the purpose of a survey in and featured in the newsletter, to determine what you want to read. Please take a minute--it won't take any longer--to indicate your preferences to this survey question and to offer your comments and suggestions. The results will provide direction for the year, help to build an information resource for boondockers, and hopefully be an enjoyable read that you will come back to often. Thanks.

Take the 10-second survey here.

1 comment:

  1. I took the survey; my preference is for articles in the "Destinations..." category. The survey format doesn't allow comments, so here are a few suggestions on content/format that I would like to see included:

    1. Locations of "boondocking" venues and directions to get to these.
    2. Specific attractions, available nearby facilities, and/or and caveats about the area, e.g., access/road conditions, dump station/water, local interest sites, special difficulties or "perks" encountered, etc.
    3. Resource suggestions, e.g., Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlas, and links to websites with additional information about the boondocking sites are always appreciated.
    4. Reports/feedback on a specific location from boondockers who have actually *been there*; information should be *current*. Please, no "hearsay" and "When I was there 10 years ago..." stuff!
    5. No RV park or Wal*Mart (or other shopping center squats) reports.
    6. Location comments and "travel reports" should be *impersonal* and pertinent to boondocking, i.e., no "We went to Costco and then we went to Taco Bell and then we went to dump and then we went to visit friends.." blog-style stuff.