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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boondocking Blog readers name their favorite locations

As you may notice on the right side of this page, we ask the readers of this blog to share some of their favorite places to boondock with their RVs. Here are a few places that they've told us about recently.

From Jerry Lessley, Belgrade, Montana
"Wade Lake, Montana. It is a beautiful little lake. It's part of a chain of great lakes, and is isolated. You have to drive six miles on a rough dirt and gravel road. We spend lots of time there when the snow goes away."

John Balch, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
"A few years ago we visited Arizona, and happened to stop at a BLM near the town of Hot Springs. Most of the "good" spots were taken by folks that appeared to come there every year. We found a spot with some shade trees and settled down and set out some chairs. A lady came by and offered us some fresh picked vegetables. Later we donned our swimsuits and walked down to the hot tubs on the other side of the road. After an hour or so, we came back for a meal and after supper, the folks camping behind us introduced themselves, and invited us to come over for a campfire. More people came over, introduced themselves, and we all had a "jolly good time." enjoying libations and conversations. I would go back there in a jiffy."

Dwight Kasper, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada
"Slab City in Niland, Calif., is always a neat place to visit. Have made a number of good friends who spend the winter on this old abandoned military base. Close enough that it is easy to get to, with all the cell phone signals needed for both phone and internet, yet far enough away to be in a different world!"

Barbi Lange, On the road in Lone Butte, BC
"A Sportsbar called Iron Horse in Lone Butte,BC on Hwy 24 has several free RV and Camping spots. Everyone is very welcome. This area has lots of lakes and famous for fishing. The food in the Sportsbar is excellent. Worth trying."

Tell us about your favorite spot. Use the form on the right side of this page.

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