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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost, have a breakdown, Spot will find you

Nature, solitude, and fresh air, a top priority for boondockers and hikers. Now you can add “peace of mind” to that list without sacrificing your boondocking experience.

When you find yourself hiding away out of cell phone reach, Spot, a personal satellite messaging and emergency communications GPS unit weighing only 5.2 ounces, lets you assure folks at home that you’re OK as often as you like with a “check in” message. Friends can even track your progress, viewing your exact latitude and longitude on Google Maps in real time--if you care to reveal your secret boondocking location.

Most importantly, if you have an emergency you can send a 911 signal for immediate medical help or evacuation. But even if you just need a hand, there’s a “ask for help” signal that alerts designated friends or family that you need some help.

SPOT provides live feed updates of Google Maps™ so you can save your route between boondocking sites with a seamless breadcrumb trail of waypoints. Send a message to your family when you stop to camp for the night. SPOT can even alert national roadside assistance to your location when you need it.

For hikers, there is a trail and a new experience around every bend. With the push of a button, SPOT’s “check-in” function sends a message with your exact coordinates back to the rest of your camping crew. Or you could ask your fellow campers to meet you with a cold beer--and a foot massage--upon your return with the “Ask for help” button. The product is available at


  1. Where are they available and how much?

  2. Where can they be purchased??

  3. before you buy it, read all 93 reviews at above.


  4. Go to Spot's Web site ( click on the "Where to Buy" tab. You can then locate a dealer or buy online.