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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boondocking battery/electrical tip

The amount of 12-volt electricity available to operate your systems limits your length of time spent boondocking or the time between recharging sessions. A single deep cycle 12-volt house battery will produce about 105 ampere-hours of electricity. Calculate the number of amps each of your electrical appliances draws and multiply by the time (hours or minutes) in use.

To make an educated guess at when you need to recharge, subtract the ampere-hours used each day from the total available, but allow only about half of these amps (about 50) to run your electrical equipment. It is best for your batteries to recharge at 50% capacity.

Take voltage readings at the battery terminals with a hand-held volt or multi-meter and when the voltage drops to 11.5 volts, start your engine or run your your generator to recharge the battery. Better yet, install solar panels or a wind generator. Installing a second house battery or switching to a pair of 6-volt golf cart batteries will increase the total number of available amps--and your time between charges.

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