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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Belle's back 40: Boondocking and a good deed

If you are looking for a "good deed" New Year's resolution, this might be the one. This plea for help for Belle Starr comes from boondocker, Al Bossence.

Belle Starr is such a caring person with a heart of gold, revealed in her love and care of stray animals that is well known in these parts--and she goes out of her way to help the homeless and downtrodden. And...therein lies a sad problem. Her trusting nature has led to her house being ransacked by a 'person' while she was in the hospital with a broken hip.

A second fall has injured a knee, but this 82 year old independent lady won't let that daunt her. She struggles to get her wheelchair and scooter out the door and down to her John Deere Gator. Belle can't ride her horses anymore but she still drives her Gator down to the corral to see them. Belle’s spirit is not going to let something as trivial as a broken hip and injured knee stop her.

Belle and the ranch are in desperate need of people to help. All the animals are doing OK right now but hooves need to be trimmed, manes combed, etc. Fences need repair and corrals need to be strengthened. The house needs some electrical work and some outside RV sites need plumbing repairs.

So, I appeal to my fellow RV'ers/Bloggers/Friends & Boondockers. If you’re in the area can you help this lady? Belle has two workable RV sites plus acres of boondocking land and it's free for anyone to stay there and help Belle water the many miniature donkeys, hay to the horses, feed for the geese, pheasants, and peacocks. Belle's dogs are all friendly critters & wagging tails greet all visitors.

She has the room, she has a great personality, and she's only ten minutes from beautiful Bisbee, twenty minutes from Douglas and its big box stores. Belle would love nothing better than to get out around a campfire again with a bunch of great people, play her beloved western music, and spin her favorite tales of old Nashville friends from her music days.

Belle's property has ATV & hiking trails leading into the mountains and she has Hughes Wifi on the property. I see the possibility here for a win/win situation for both RV folks & Belle Starr. And, like I said before, if any of you boondockers and RV folks can help this grand old gal of the wild west we'd sure appreciate hearing from you. For obvious reasons I'm not going to post Belle's email address so just email me:

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