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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Desert boondocking destination: Lake Havasu City

By Bob Difley

In my previous blog I wrote about desert boondocking sites near city services. A good example are two BLM land areas at Lake Havasus City, Arizona. The first is north of town, about ten miles from the city center, but only a mile from the Home Depot and a couple miles from a gas station with a dump station.

It is adjacent to the end of the runway of the small Lake Havasu airport and is a BLM "dispersed camping" area called Craggy Wash. From the wide mouth of the wash the road winds up the canyon, the further you go, the fewer campers you will find. Look at the spur roads that turn off the main dirt road for nice nesty spots nestled up to the cliffs or hidden spots behind low hills.

A host is usually on duty, when the BLM can find one, to answer questions and to be an official presence. Lake Havasu has good restaurants, paddle wheeler lake cruises, a jet boat tour up Topock Gorge,  good fishing, and major supermarkets, and RV services.


  1. And the 2nd BLM site is . . .

  2. Check the following post, Desert boondocking destination: Lake Havasu City II

  3. They've closed a lot of the boondocking in craggy wash this year. Have to go way back to the "meadow" now. Do they really want us boondocking rvers using OUR public lands and is it resort/campground pressure or the BLM ? As we travel south we've seen smaller areas to use. Plamosa road area in Quartzsite is downsized also. Don't think they'll force people into their resorts and campgrounds, we'll just pass the town by.

  4. I passed the comments made by Anonymous above on to the BLM Lake Havasu City office and received the following response from Recreation Technician, Paul Hoyt:
    "In reply to your questions about Craggy Wash, yes there was a change to the camping there however it is minor.The authorized camping starts one mile from Highway 95 or approx .5 mile from the start of BLM property going into the campsite. This is in compliance with BLM Recreation Management Program dtd 2007 along with the Highway 95 Beautification Program . There is another change and it will be in the Standard Wash area south from Lake Havasu City to the Bill Williams River and that change is there will be no camping within the first 1/2 mile of Highway 95. These are the only changes from the Lake Havasu Field Office."

  5. I'm in Victorville Ca. I have a van and am looking for an area to boondock in December 2010 but don't want to go too far.