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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deming: New Mexico's snowbird destination

Are you looking for winter snowbirding destinations? Tucked down in the southwest corner of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment state, you will find the lowest elevation in the state, which statewide averages 4,700 feet. This quiet corner is also where you will find the warmest winter weather, the area around Deming, Silver City, and Las Cruces, where the elevation is about 400 feet lower than the average. Days usually warm into the mid to upper 50s, which will seem warm to RVers escaping the snow and cold of the Pacific Northwest or Midwest.
Population numbers are low, humdity is low, and rainfall is low. Sunshine is plentiful. The displays in the Luna-Mumbris Museum are plentiful (this is a "must see"), and Hispanic and Native American sites are plentiful, many within an easy day trip from Deming. State parks (see photo of Rockhound State Park near Deming), and campgrounds are abundant, as many RVers think this winter snowbird roosting spot is the state's best kept secret. You can learn more at the city's Web site.


  1. Spent some time in this area last winter, & enjoyed it. Scenic & historic with lots to see & do. The nights can drop into the freezing range, but days are sunny & quickly warm up. I found the local residents to be very friendly & open, always willing to help.

  2. is there stores and things to do?

  3. Deming is THE destination for Snowbirds who want to escape "Tourist Trap" living! And anyone wanting info on recreational opportunities and events should visit Temperate Zone RV Community's blog where we have an extensive listing. We are "In the Middle of Nowhere, Close to Everything"!