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Friday, November 21, 2008

Bringing Home the Water (Bed)

For long-seated boondockers, like those who hang out on BLM land near Quartzsite, one of the biggest headaches is getting water back to the rig. Sure you can pull up stakes and drag the trailer (or drive the motorhome) down to the water station, but once you're really settled in, who wants to move it? Carrying water back in five gallon jugs is feasible, but certainly a pain right up there with doing your taxes.

We found a clever RVer who used his head--and his bed--to get his water back to his rig. He bought an "air bed" from a handy Walmart, rinsed hit out thoroughly and put it work. How? He lays it on the roof of his pickup truck, fills it up with water at the water station, then carefully drives back to his rig. There he hooks up a hose to the "filler" neck of the bed and lets gravity transfer the precious liquid into his holding tank.

We expressed concerns about the taste (and maybe the safety) of the water from the mattress. An answer: Just use it for washing and showers, and tote drinking water in a safe container. Or spspend a few more bucks and buy the certified drinking water safe "water bladder" from an RV supplier like Camping World. We've found plenty of RVers who really swear by the method. When not in use, the whole works folds up and stores away handily.

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