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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Boondocking: Dr. Kildare Style

Here's a boondocking tip that may have eluded some: Next time you have to make an out-of-town trip for medical testing, surgery, or doctor's visit, don't think "long drive all in one day," think: Take the RV and boondock at the medical facility.

We recently had to make a six-hour drive to "the big city," to see a university hosptial specialist. We already had it mind to take the RV--it was just too much to bite off in one day trying to drive back and forth. But the "travel planning maestro," spent long hours slaving over a hot computer, trying to figure out a place to "put in" for the night after the doc visit. As it would happen, a short visit turned into a long visit, lab tests, diagnostic imaging, and finally, an unexpected procedure. By the time we gimped back to the parking lot, the sun was long below the horizon, and any thoughts of driving to a new back country location were completely out of the question.

But the good doctor's staffer was kind enough to offer us a tip: Park your rig over by the Emergency Room. "After all," he said, "there's people in and out of there 24-hours a day. You won't be bothered." So we took his advice and parked the rig in a quiet corner of the ER parking lot. Sure enough, we weren't bothered at all, and next morning, we were refreshed and ready to hit the road again.

A hospital parking lot may be a ticket if you arrive in a town late and can't find any other suitable spot to stay. Obviously "protocol" is in order--don't drag out the lawn chairs and the barbee, and if you can handle it, keep the slide-outs unslid.

1 comment:

  1. I AM SHOCKED, THAT YOU TWO, THE KING AND QUEEN OF RVing WOULD EVEN MAKE SUCH A SUGGESTION AS TO OVERNIGHT IN A HOSPITAL PARKING LOT!!!!! I have yet to enter a parking lot at a medical facility where parking was not at a premium...........including the lot near the emergency room. No one wants to be at a hospital, so every parking space is there because it is NEEDED!!

    I will make a concession that it could be very beneficial for someone such as you described needing a full day of tests and facing a long drive. With permission, I would allow that.....................but never to just park and sleep to avoid an RV park. The one saving grace is that hospitals are usually difficult to access with an RV because of their locations.