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Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the Northwest? Rainier opens Cougar Campground with eco-toilet

Mount Rainier National Park is one of the northwest's premier RVing locales. Cougar Campground, up Paradise Road from the park's Nisqually entrance station is a popular boondocking destination. The fresh, elevated mountain air does wonders for the spirits of travelers.

Usually Cougar Campground is open already, but the unusual winter of heavy snowfall and a late spring thaw have delayed opening until June 13. One "new" thing visitors will encounter is a special ecologically based toilet in the campground, a gift from a Japanese organization known as Groundwork Mishima. The group works with both government and citizens to promote ecological awareness.

The eco-bathroom, valued at $70,000 uses a combination of cedar chips and composting techniques to efficiently process wastes with little water and no odor. If the claims are true, what a treat in comparison to the usual "primitive campground" powder rooms.

A special ribbon cutting ceremony will take place to inaugurate the new bio-biffy on June 9th. We presume the "ribbon" will be biodegradable tissue on a roll . . .

file photo: Qole Pejorian on

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