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Friday, July 13, 2007

Uncle Sam Loves Boondockers--Get a Tax Credit

Thinking about putting up some solar panels on your RV for boondocking? It could help you out come tax-time: The Internal Revenue Service provides a credit for solar installation of up to $2,000. Mind you this is a tax credit as opposed to a deduction, so it could really help your bottom line.

How can RVers get this credit? Well, it appears to be largely a matter of language. Just as interest paid on an RV may be a deduction (since the RV becomes a "second home,") this tax credit can also to RVs. And here's the big disclaimer: Always consult your tax professional for advice. Meantime, an interesting discussion this matter has surfaced on a forum appearing on the Escapees' club website. Check out the whole thread, as the information gets clearer as you go along.

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